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Mental sharpness
Superior strength
Optimal nutrition
Deep and restorative sleep
Deep and
restorative sleep
Increased energy
Lower body fat

The Compound Program

A comprehensive and convenient program executed in 3 stages.


At the beginning of the program, you'll undergo diagnostics.

You'll then recieve a comprehensive and extensive diagnostic report, compiled from a range of datapoints across 5 dimensions (metabolic, cardiovascuslar, strength, androgen, mindset).

The results will be shared and explained to you in 1-hour onboarding call with your performance coach.

DEXA scan

Body composition - muscle mass, fat, bone density
A full body composition scan that captures fat, muscle and bone mass and accurately determines important biomarkers such as body fat percentage and levels of deadly visceral fat.

This scan takes place in Compound's lab in the weeks before your program commences, on the same day as other diagnostics.

VO2 Max Test

Cardiorespiratory health and aerobic conditioning
Described by Dr. Peter Attia as “perhaps the single most powerful marker for longevity” VO2 max represents the maximum rate at which a person can utilise oxygen.

This is measured, while a member is exercising on a treadmill in our lab, on the same day as other diagnostics.


I.e. testosterone, cholesterol, HbA1C, etc
Testosterone, Cholesterol and HbA1C (average blood sugar levels) are among the dozens of biomarkers we measure through a blood test.

The results of this test will influence your focus areas on the program, your supplementation regime and whether you need to see any specialist doctors.


Strength test, run gait analysis, injury risk plan
At our lab with our physio partner, we will measure and assess for muscle and strength imbalances, which can lead to injury and pain/discomfort.

We then look at your running gait on video and make recommendations on how to run more efficiently.

Diet diary

7-day diet diary feedback that fits your lifestyle
We take 7 days worth of food and drink consumption data (via photos you send to the team) and give you a detailed evaluation of your habits, and actionable strategies and tactics to improve.

This includes protein intake, calorie timing, blood sugar management and wholefood sources.


Habits, goal-orientation, growth mindset
Improvements in mental performance and strategies for dealing with the stress of life are key parts of the program.

Part of your report is a mindset assessment, covering goal-setting, habits and general outlook.

Your own doctor

Progressive doctor to manage your health
You will have continuous access to an Australian Compound doctor who will be with you every step of the journey and is well-versed with the latest in preventative healthcare and performance.

Performance Protocol

We’ll propose the right amount of structure around your existing routines for exercise, nutrition, mindset and recovery.

We then apply a team of experts to help you integrate this structure into your life and your unique set of challenges and constraints (time, family, injuries, work schedule, socialising, travel and more).

Structured program

Your routine to follow around 5 performance areas
We’ll provide strength & conditioning exercise prescription, including routines that you can do on your own at the gym, or with your trainer.

The program also includes structure around nutrition, recovery and mindset to form and stack habits into your own personal blueprint.

Performance coach

Experienced coach, backed by our expert panel
They will onboard, monitor and stay in regular contact with you via a messaging app and video calls (our interaction model is designed for time-poor lifestyles).

They can orchestrate a wider team across clinical, diet and PT. They are backed by the considerable knowledge of our advisory panel of experts.


A team that makes habit forming easy
The concierge approach of Compound is to make your life as easy as possible to unlock barriers to momentum.

For example, they will research your best food options near your office for take away lunch. Or build you a personalised jet lag protocol when you travel.

Accountability cohort

Group of peers for camaraderie and accountability
We’ve had great success opening up communication channels between our members.

We form groups around each cohort to drive accountability, knowledge-sharing and bonding. After all, Compound is made up of likeminded men who want more.


We've taken the effort out of finding the best treatment, supplements and devices.

Medical Metabolic Treatment

If deemed suitable by your Compound doctor
Some members will need to prioritise body-recomposition to target their metabolic health (and take action based on diagnostic results). We offer that capability for suitable Compound members at an additional monthly cost.

Morning supplement routine

Targeting energy and focus
We’ve curated a simple routine of 3 morning supplements, with a goal of driving energy and focus for the work day.

Protein supplementation

A critical piece of the puzzle
Most members who come to Compound are nowhere near their recommended protein intake, so we’ve included a number of protein supplementation options, including bars and powder to aid body recomposition.

Evening supplement routine

Sleep optimisation and recovery
Sleep is critical for our mental health and physical recovery, so we’ve included best-in-country supplementation for sleep, and EAAs for recovery.

Continuous glucose monitor

Real-time insight into blood sugar response
CGMs are becoming a popular tool for non-diabetics to see how their body responds to certain foods, or eating times. We get our members to wear a CGM for 2 weeks to unlock these unique insights, with findings that dovetail with your bloodwork.

Wearable health tracker

Daily biometrics on HRV, sleep, and training
Wrist worn activity-tracking wearables like Whoop provide great insight on heart-rate variability (HRV), sleep and training habits. This allows your coach to monitor your workload and consistency.

Compound kit

Duffel bag, workout gear
Member-only apparel designed for training so you can be among the first to represent the next gen performance lifestyle.

Choose your approach

Metabolic Blueprint
Medical treatment
BMI >30 required
Starting from zero?
Experience Compound with the assistance of metabolic weight loss treatment.
The Compound Code
Any BMI eligible
Want to optimise your performance?
Our non-medicated program is for anyone looking to get an edge on their health.

How it works

Register interest
Pay and secure a spot in one of our fortnightly cohorts
Complete diagnostics, recieve your protocol and toolkit
Execute the 12-week
Compound program
Retest, iterate and optimise

Consistency compounds

Hear how Compound has changed the lives of our members.
The devil really is in the details. Compound’s meticulous support transformed my health and performance journey in ways I never thought possible.
Eucalyptus CCO
10 weeks on Compound
I’ve not only achieved my running speed goals but also experienced remarkable improvements in my overall health and performance
Eucalyptus CEO
6 weeks on Compound


What is the Compound program?
The Compound program is an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to health optimisation and preventative care. We organise a suite of comprehensive diagnostics and distill the insights into actionable focus areas for members to reach their health and performance goals. We then take members through a structured 3-month program across strength & conditioning routines, nutrition, recovery, and mindset practices and provide high-touch coaching support to personalise these practices to suit each member’s lifestyle. Alongside this 3-month program, we provide a performance toolkit of wearables, supplements and exercise gear.
What diagnostics and data do you collect?
Compound’s diagnostics include: DEXA body composition scan; VO2 Max test; 7-day diet assessment and action plan from our dieticians; physio assessment of biomechanical strength, injury vulnerabilities and running gait; self-testing of maximal strength in functional movements; self-assessment survey of habits, goal-orientation and mindset; plus a comprehensive blood panel. The blood tests include your fasting lipids (cholesterol), sex hormones (including testosterone), glycaemic control (HbA1c and fasting insulin & glucose) along with other tests like kidney, liver and thyroid function plus electrolytes and vitamin levels.

We then compile all of this data into a Health and High-Performance Report, which provides a summary of the most important insights along with a detailed explanation of each metric, why it is important, and how to optimise throughout the program. Your diagnostics are supervised by your doctor who can support you with next steps if further testing is required.
What happens at the end of the 3-month program?
The first quarterly cycle has been designed to deliver a step-change in habits, health and overall performance. Subsequent quarterly cycles are offered to focus on consolidation or to progress into more advanced programming; the pricing will vary. Our vision is to build an ongoing membership model that allows members to cycle between high-touch growth and accountability-led consolidation programs at accessible price points.
What can I expect from coaching
We take members through a 3-month structured program that integrates strength & conditioning routines with fortnightly progression through nutrition, recovery, and mindset practices that allow each member to uncover their own personal blueprint that fits their lifestyle. We provide high-touch coaching and concierge support to provide personalised suggestions and troubleshoot constraints or particular preferences as members progress through fortnightly material. The cohort group is there to provide peer-to-peer tips with camaraderie and accountability to maintain momentum.
Does this supersede my existing relationship with my GP
No. Your Compound doctor will work collaboratively with your existing GP and keep them up to date with your test results and progress on the program. During the three-month program, members have the Compound doctor available to them for telehealth consultations. Depending on the circumstance, the Compound doctor may ask you to see your regular GP for an in-person consultation and examination where telecare is not appropriate.