What is the Compound program?
The Compound program is an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to health optimisation and preventative care. We organise a suite of comprehensive diagnostics and distill the insights into actionable focus areas for members to reach their health and performance goals. We then take members through a structured 3-month program across strength & conditioning routines, nutrition, recovery, and mindset practices and provide high-touch coaching support to personalise these practices to suit each member’s lifestyle. Alongside this 3-month program, we provide a performance toolkit of wearables, supplements and exercise gear.
What diagnostics and data do you collect?
Compound’s diagnostics include: DEXA body composition scan; VO2 Max test; 7-day diet assessment and action plan from our dieticians; physio assessment of biomechanical strength, injury vulnerabilities and running gait; self-testing of maximal strength in functional movements; self-assessment survey of habits, goal-orientation and mindset; plus a comprehensive blood panel. The blood tests include your fasting lipids (cholesterol), sex hormones (including testosterone), glycaemic control (HbA1c and fasting insulin & glucose) along with other tests like kidney, liver and thyroid function plus electrolytes and vitamin levels.

We then compile all of this data into a Health and High-Performance Report, which provides a summary of the most important insights along with a detailed explanation of each metric, why it is important, and how to optimise throughout the program. Your diagnostics are supervised by your doctor who can support you with next steps if further testing is required.
Is this a membership or a one-off cost?
The Compound program is a 3-month membership that you will pay upfront. After the completion of your program, you’ll have the option to continue in further quarterly cycles that are tailored to ongoing growth with advanced programming or maintenance through consolidation.
How quickly can I start the program after sign-up?
Start dates for cohorts are dependent on the availability of diagnostics, so do vary. At the time of sign-up we will advise you of when the next cohort will launch diagnostics and when we expect to kick-off the quarterly program cycle.
What happens if I have travel plans during the program?
Many members travel during the program so we provide concierge support to help maintain momentum while on the move; this includes a personalised jet lag protocol, take-away short-listing near the hotel/office; outdoor workout plans; and more. We will schedule you into a cohort so that you can complete the in-person diagnostics at the start and end of the quarterly program, however, all the critical touch points during the quarterly program are over chat or video. There may be some in-person meetups that you will miss but there will be many opportunities to meet in person.
What happens at the end of the 3-month program?
The first quarterly cycle has been designed to deliver a step-change in habits, health and overall performance. Subsequent quarterly cycles are offered to focus on consolidation or to progress into more advanced programming; the pricing will vary. Our vision is to build an ongoing membership model that allows members to cycle between high-touch growth and accountability-led consolidation programs at accessible price points.
Do I have to complete any in-person tests?
You will complete your DEXA scan, VO2 Max test, physio assessment and bloodwork panel in person. Check out The Program page to learn more.
How long do the tests take?
We understand our members are time-poor so we aim to make the diagnostics as efficient as possible. The bloodwork panel can be conveniently completed in any pathology lab in the morning before work. The DEXA, VO2 Max, and physio assessment can be completed in a single 2 hour booking in the CBD of Sydney (more locations and cities coming soon).
Do I get to retest and see progress?
At the conclusion of the 3-month program, members will complete a DEXA, bloods and diet diary, along with completing testing of their athletic target; these results will be published in another Health & High-Performance Report that will illustrate improvements in underlying metrics. As part of ongoing membership in subsequent cycles of growth or consolidation, members will complete end-of-cycle diagnostics to continue monitoring for trends and bring focus to areas for optimisation.
What are the workouts in the workout plan?
We’ll provide strength & conditioning exercise prescription, including routines that you can do on your own at the gym, or with your trainer depending on your current health and performance and goals.
When will I receive my toolkit?
Your toolkit will be sent to you after payment and initial diagnostics have been completed.
Can I claim on my Private Health Insurance?
The price of the program is all-inclusive and is currently not eligible for a rebate from Private Health Insurance providers, or from Medicare. Your doctor will discuss the implications of any additional tests that may be required depending on any results from our diagnostics.  If medication is included in your program, this may be claimed through some private health insurers.  Please reach out if you require a pharmacy invoice for this.
What if I need to pause or cancel my membership?
Compound has been designed for high-achieving, time-poor men who want more from their health. We provide high-touch coaching and concierge services to help our members overcome constraints and receive support to maintain momentum, even when a member is under peak pressure. We will work with you to come up with a plan when there are extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to participate.  If you ultimately do need to cancel your membership, please email clinic@compound.co
How do I join?
Please register your interest on our website and fill in your information. We’ll be in contact with a quiz to determine your suitability.
What is the time commitment per week
We appreciate that our members are time-poor and need a high-ROI program that suits their busy lifestyle. We recommend that our members train 3-5x a week, totaling 3-5 hours of effort, plus allow for up to 30 minutes spread out across the week to engage in program material, chat with their coach, and connect with their peers in the cohort. That being said, there is no one size fits all and we work with members within their constraints and bring focus on the highest-impact activities.
What can I expect from coaching
We take members through a 3-month structured program that integrates strength & conditioning routines with fortnightly progression through nutrition, recovery, and mindset practices that allow each member to uncover their own personal blueprint that fits their lifestyle. We provide high-touch coaching and concierge support to provide personalised suggestions and troubleshoot constraints or particular preferences as members progress through fortnightly material. The cohort group is there to provide peer-to-peer tips with camaraderie and accountability to maintain momentum.
Do I receive Personal Trainer (PT) support
Personal training is not part of Compound’s inclusions. We provide strength & conditioning routines that can be followed independently in your own gym, or at an outdoor exercise yard, however, we do not provide truly personalised programming or in-depth PT support on exercise form. We can provide a concierge service to provide members with a short-list of PTs or gyms to consider and provide a brief of the overall Compound program to ensure a coherent experience.
What is the Medical Metabolic Treatment?
Australian law prevents us from naming specific treatments until a practitioner has had a consultation with you. This is done to make sure a qualified professional discusses all the options available before you make your decision.

If you have any questions about your treatment options feel free to ask us during your call with a your Compound doctor.

Am I guaranteed Medical Metabolic treatment?
The medical metabolic treatment is dependent on your current body composition and medical history and is at the discretion of the Compound doctor within clear clinical guidelines. We are unable to guarantee any medication.
Does this supersede my existing relationship with my GP
No. Your Compound doctor will work collaboratively with your existing GP and keep them up to date with your test results and progress on the program. During the three-month program, members have the Compound doctor available to them for telehealth consultations. Depending on the circumstance, the Compound doctor may ask you to see your regular GP for an in-person consultation and examination where telecare is not appropriate.
What happens if I have pre-existing medical conditions or if I need specialist support?
All pre-existing medical conditions are discussed with a Compound doctor as part of your initial assessment. Should members require specialist input or support, we are able to facilitate this as part of the program. Your Compound doctor will coordinate this with your specialist and regular GP. It can sometimes take time to liaise with relevant specialists, so there may be some additional time required during the diagnostics period to account for this consultation process. If specialist appointments are required to determine eligibility, this may come at an additional cost and is not covered by Compound.

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