Australia's digital clinic for preventative health and performance.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to health optimisation and preventative care to help men unlock barriers to everyday performance. Members of Compound enjoy an integrated experience that blends diagnostics with clinical care and structured programming with coaching to achieve more from great health.

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What's included?


Comprehensive diagnostic report pulled from a range of data sources:

  • 👀 DEXA scan
    (body composition – muscle mass, fat, bone density)
  • 🫀 VO2 Max test
    (cardiorespiratory health and aerobic conditioning)
  • 🩸 Bloodwork(i.e. testosterone, cholesterol, HbA1C, etc)
  • 💪 Physio
    (strength test, run gait analysis, injury risk plan)
  • 🍽️ Dietitian
    (7-day diet diary feedback that fits your lifestyle)
  • 🧠 Mindset
    (habits, goal-orientation, growth mindset)
  • 👨 Aligned GP
    (progressive GP to manage your health)


Performance optimisation plan based on your diagnostic results:

  • 🏃 Performance health coaching
    (experienced coach, backed by our expert panel)
  • 📈 12-week program
    (set an audacious athletic goal and hit it)
  • 💥 Simplified blueprint
    (high-ROI performance practices for busy lifestyles)
  • 🐘 Accountability cohort
    (group of 10 peers for camaraderie & accountability)


Tailored medication and performance supplementation toolkit:

  • 🧬 Medical treatment plan
    (to unlock barriers and reset metabolic health)
  • 🌞 Morning supplement routine
    (for energy + focus)
  • 📦 Protein supplementation
    (for body recomposition)
  • 🌚 Night supplement routine
    (for sleep optimisation and recovery)
  • 🔘 CGM
    (real-time insight into blood sugar management)
  • 🚥 Whoop band
    (daily biometrics on HRV, sleep, and training)
  • 🎽 Compound kit
    (duffel bag and workout gear)

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