Time for your prime

Compound is Australia’s leading program for men’s preventative health and performance. We believe being in your prime is a factor of effort — not age.

Time for your prime.

Compound is Australia’s leading program for men’s preventative health and performance. We believe being in your prime is a factor of effort – not age.

Diagnostics. Protocol. Toolkit.

Our pillars for peak health and performance.


The clearest picture of your health you’ve ever had.

Get a holistic view of your health through a suite of comprehensive diagnostics.
VO2 Max
Diet Diary
Your own doctor

12 weeks later, you won’t recognise yourself.

Receive a complete diet, health and training program, guided by your expert coach
Structured Program
Performance Coach
Accountability Cohort

Supported by a tailored performance toolkit.

Get the medical treatment, supplements and hardware you need to boost performance and meet your goals.
VO2 Max
Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Medical metabolic treatment
Whoop Band
Compound Kit

Consistency compounds

Hear how Compound has changed the lives of our members.
The devil really is in the details. Compound’s meticulous support transformed my health and performance journey in ways I never thought possible.
Eucalyptus CCO
10 weeks on Compound
I’ve not only achieved my running speed goals but also experienced remarkable improvements in my overall health and performance
Eucalyptus CEO
6 weeks on Compound

Our specialists

Surround yourself with performance experts.
Dan Cable
Program Lead
Dan heads the team, building the experience to align diagnostic insights, performance protocols, and coaching models with the needs of busy, high-achieving men seeking optimal health. With 15 years experience in this field, Dan's expertise is extensive.
Dr. Ben Condon
Clinic Doctor
Dr. Ben Condon oversees all clinical aspects of the Compound program. He orchestrates a wider team across clinical, diet and PT while interpreting diagnostics and serving as the primary medical contact for members.
Matt McCutcheon
Lead Physio
Matt is a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist who has extensive experience working in professional sport and private practice. He has contributed knowledge in diagnostics, exercise prescription and injury prevention to the Compound program.

Embrace the challenge, reap the rewards

We see health and performance as an investment – an investment that grows through data-driven insights, gradual changes, and hard work. Our program is comprehensive because health is multifaceted. There’s no quick fix, no crash diet, and no miracle serum. The solution requires sweat, consistency, and perhaps some sacrifice. But the results are within reach.

Improvements in physical and mental fitness have a ripple effect on everything else – your relationships, your career focus – it all begins with an investment in yourself. Once you commit, our team is dedicated to ensuring you see returns. Your part won’t be easy but we’ll equip you for success like never before.